Cartagena de Indias, What a Trip (Part 2)

Visiting the Islands

Islas del Rosario, is a group of beautiful coral reef islands, great for aquatic activities or to simply relax and enjoy nature.

First Stop Hotel Pedro Majagua So beautiful and peaceful, my sister and I took a walk into the heart of the island,  and made it all the way into the islands local town, not much of a town to be honest. But it was fun to explore!


It is a very small island, there are a couple of hostels, we crossed many backpacker even though September is not really consider high season. If you like nature this is the place to go. The island also offers “pasadia”, you can visit for the day, swim, eat and enjoy the island, they have boat rides that depart from Cartagena and other locations, visit their site for more information.



Hotel Pedro Majagua


This was our room, very eco-chic, all rooms have ac, so you don’t have to worry about the heat 😉

Our second stop, Isla del Encanto

Hotel Isla del Encanto



The rooms are amazing, we were on the second level, all in wood, again really eco-chic with fantastic views to the sea. This is another place to relax, the food was very good, mostly local cuisine, the cocktails were fantastic and the service was also great.


This location also offers, day visits, so you can enjoy the installations, activities and amenities for one full day, the access is also by boat, 1 hour ride from Cartagena to Isla del Encanto.

Remember to take cash with you, there are no ATM’s on the islands!


I have to mention that, this was the first time I was travelling with my sister, since I got married, and moved to Canada, all I can say is that it was a wonderful experience to spend time with both her an my mom, only the three of us!


I hope you enjoy this post, let me know in the comments if you have been or plan to travel to Colombia.

Besitos Paola

Cartagena de Indias, What a Trip! (Part 1)

This year my dear mom turned 60, to celebrate my sister surprised her with a trip to Cartagena, I was very lucky to be part of it!

My Incredible Mom

My mom flew to Colombia thinking she was spending some quality time with my sister and her family, little did she know, there was a full week planned for her and I was also part of it.

We departed from Bogota by plane to Cartagena, a little over an hour flight, just looking over the plane window I could tell this place was beautiful, the colour of the sea in all its shades of blue, was breathtaking.


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Halloween Family Costume Ideas

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me, that I love  Halloween !

I love getting the whole family dressed in family costumes. We started this tradition  when the kids were little and I am trying to keep it alive for as long as possible.  I won’t lie to you, as the kids are getting older and is getting harder to convince them but I will keep enjoying it while it lasts.

Here are some of our past family costume ideas!

The Flintstones

These costumes were bought online, except for Luca’s, I got some fury animal print fabric and made it myself, also from the same fabric I added a belt to my Wilma dress! The Pebbles Costume can be found here  since we have a dog, we also got her to participate you can find the Pet Costume  here, she wasn’t really happy, but we managed to take some pictures…the rest of the links are below. Continue reading “Halloween Family Costume Ideas”

Fortnite Party

Fortnite Theme Bday Party

My son recently turned 11 years old and while planning his first non-theme bday party, I realized I could not do a non-theme bday party…

Like most kids these days he’s hooked with Fortnite, so I decided to organize a Fortnite themed Birthday Party just a couple of days before the event.

While researching for party supplies available in Toronto, I quickly came to realized that I would have to work my magic and go for DIY decorations. Although there are not many things ready to buy in stores I did find some incredible ideas and stuff that I could print and customize myself, I will add links add the end of the post. Continue reading “Fortnite Theme Bday Party”