Cartagena de Indias, What a Trip! (Part 1)

This year my dear mom turned 60, to celebrate my sister surprised her with a trip to Cartagena, I was very lucky to be part of it!

My Incredible Mom

My mom flew to Colombia thinking she was spending some quality time with my sister and her family, little did she know, there was a full week planned for her and I was also part of it.

We departed from Bogota by plane to Cartagena, a little over an hour flight, just looking over the plane window I could tell this place was beautiful, the colour of the sea in all its shades of blue, was breathtaking.


Some people may wonder how safe is it to travel to Colombia

I have to say that people in Colombia are extremely polite and friendly, some of the nicest people, if I may add, we felt safe all the time, as usual you have to be careful with your money and use the same caution as when you travel abroad to any other country.

There are people in the touristic areas trying to sell you all kinds of stuff, you can politely but firmly say no and they will go away, on the beach in Cartagena they are more pushy so beware.


What to do in Cartagena

We first arrive to Cartagena to a beach front hotel, although it was beautiful, I strongly suggest staying within the ciudad amurallada, the old town of Cartagena, the old city is protected by murallas, fortified walls built to protect the city from the attack of pirates.

The energy in the old town is fantastic, do not miss the chance to explore every single corner, also the city is lovely and very safe to visit by night.


Cartagena is simply beautiful and full of life, I could not get enough of it, I really wish I could have been able to walk around it for days, and nights, the nights are equally impressive, the parks are filled with people and music, the cobbled alleys with its beautiful doors and balconies filled with gorgeous multicoloured bougainvilleas.

Below some of their historic landmarks!




Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, is an Iconic fortress with tunnels and great views over the city.


Las Bovedas, a former dungeon where you can find local artisans and great souvenirs.


Puerta del reloj, inside the old town with its beautiful arches.

Colombian Gastronomy

What can I say, I ate non-stop, gain about 10 pounds in one week, although we were constantly walking, the food in Colombia is delicious, fruits taste amazing, thanks to this trip I tasted new fruits, all so good!

The classics are, arepas of course, but there is lots of delicious seafood also, please do not leave without trying limonada de coco (lemonade and creamy coconut cream) it is basically a liquid dessert!

As part of our gourmet experience we visited Restaurant Candé it was more than a culinary experience, the service was impecable, the food fantastic and the decor is beautiful, I highly recommend it!


Limonada de Coco



That is all for now, I hope you enjoy this post, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, I will be writing a part 2 for this trip since I cannot fit all of it on one post 😉

Besitos Paola






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