Halloween Family Costume Ideas

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me, that I love  Halloween !

I love getting the whole family dressed in family costumes. We started this tradition  when the kids were little and I am trying to keep it alive for as long as possible.  I won’t lie to you, as the kids are getting older and is getting harder to convince them but I will keep enjoying it while it lasts.

Here are some of our past family costume ideas!

The Flintstones

These costumes were bought online, except for Luca’s, I got some fury animal print fabric and made it myself, also from the same fabric I added a belt to my Wilma dress! The Pebbles Costume can be found here  since we have a dog, we also got her to participate you can find the Pet Costume  here, she wasn’t really happy, but we managed to take some pictures…the rest of the links are below.

Wilma Wig

Fred Costume

The Addams Family

One of my favourites, my husband wore his own clothes, we just added a wig and moustache to complete the look, for my daughter, myself and my son the costumes were bought online.

Luca’s costume as cousin it, is my absolute favourite, I won’t lie to you, it was hard for him to see…but it was all worth it! For the uncle it costume, I used two long blonde wigs to get the hairy look, glasses are dollar store and hat was from the thrift store.

Links for shopping:

Morticia Costume

Morticia Wig

Gomez Wig and Moustache

Uncle It Wig, you will need two

Wednesday Costume

The Wizard of Oz

I re-used my Morticia dress for this one, added a hat from the dollar store, and a broom of course. The key here is the green face paint, you can fin a tutorial here. I used, cream paint like this green make up stick and added contouring with black eye shadow.

For the silver makeup on the tin man I used cream and gel, because I wanted to achieve a shinny effect and used eyeliner around eyes to add depth.

The  Dorothy dress was bought online and I already had red shoes.

Also these are two of my favourite office costumes

Day of the dead and Frida

For the day of the dead I wore a kids skeleton onesie and lace skirt and top that I already had, the secret here is the flower headband and the make up of course!

The Frida costume is all stuff I already had, Mexican blouse and skirt, I reused my flower headband, which I made myself with a glue gun and some silk peonies headband tutorial. Again the special touch is the makeup, very important, you need to add the unibrow and lots of colourful accessories!

Links for shopping:

Flower Headband

Skeleton Costume

Mexican Frida Skirt

Mexican Blouse

More ideas on my Pinterest Halloween Board

Let me know if you enjoy dressing up for halloween and how do you convince your family to jump into the fun!




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