Are you ready for Easter?

I recently visited Homesense looking for inspiration and affordable Easter decor.

Here are some of my finds to get you in the Easter mood 😉 


The store is packed with amazing items, I wanted to buy it all, but then my husband would have probably asked for the divorce, lol!


Don’t worry I was a good girl and stayed within my budget in order to save my marriage 🙂


Lots of pastels colours mixed with metallics, continue to be the trend for this season.


Hop, Hop, Easter bunnies in all sizes and colours!


For the table, lovely plates and mugs again with a touch of metallic. Gold is very dominant still this season.


I particularly loved the greeting cards and stationary section. I love sending and receiving beautiful cards.

FullSizeRender 10

I have to admit that I have tons of decor already, so I gave myself a budget and got only the items below to add to my always increasing Easter decor collection…I cannot promise what will not go back though!

IMG_4888FullSizeRender 12

Using our little light box to share this season’s message!FullSizeRender 11

Are you ready for Easter?





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The Paola Gomez

I am a Mexican Canadian mom, living in Toronto for the past 5 years with my husband, two kids and our little dog Bella. I love cooking, baking, organizing parties and travelling, I will share it all here ;-) I have tried blogging before most recently as part of a school project, but just after the class was over I stopped writing. This time I am hoping to do better and post regularly. Besitos (Spanish for little kisses) Paola

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