Beauty and the Beast

Movie Time with the Kids.

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My kids and I share many passions, they are my kids after all 🙂

Cinema is one of them. I have introduced them to all Disney classics since they were very young.

We have seen the Disney animated version of Beauty and the Beast (released in 1991) a million times! So you can imagine my excitement when I heard the new version was coming out.

I took the kids and their cousins to watch the movie, the theatre was full, we were lucky to find seats.

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The movie is very close to the Disney animated version (Released in 1991), the music, the costumes and the scenography are fantastic.

Emma Watson is adorable as Belle, her character is very strong and independent. People in the village find her odd, since she is the only girl in the village that knows how to read. She is not like the other girls, she is different.

Image credit Disney

I love how Belle’s character  represents girls today. Not all princesses are waiting for a Prince. The message is that girls are strong, do what they love, enjoy their independence and being different.

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The Beast is strong and vulnerable at the same time. The special effects used to creating the Beast’s face are fantastic, we can really see his facial features, the details of his facial performance are just amazing.

Image credit Disney

One of the greatest scenes of course is their first dance in the ballroom. I must confess that I cried (but I always do). The set is just marvellous, the lighting, the chandeliers, the floors are all beautiful and of course Belle’s dress is just a dream.

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All actors do a fantastic job in owning their characters, I loved the diversity of the cast and embraced the twist the gave to “LeFou” Gaston’s sidekick (you can read gay controversy online).

The Beauty and the Beast theme song, which was originally interpreted by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson (on the animated film), gets a new version, this time interpreted by Ariana Grande and John Legend and I have to admit that is just as amazing as the original.

New theme song here

We all came out in love with the movie, Luca and Naomi said it is their favourite movie ever!

Have you seen the movie? If so, let me know what you think.

Besitos Paola


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