My Posh Guide to Valentines

We love Valentine’s Day!

The moment we put down the Christmas tree and the Christmas decorations away my kids start asking when will we decorate the house for Valentines.

I have always celebrated Valentines with the hubby but our first official Valentine’s Day celebration as a family was probably, the year my son Luca was born. Naomi was 3 years old and I thought it would be a great way to highlight Luca’s 1st Valentines.

Our 1st Family Valentines!

Some years is just a family affair but some others we invite some school friends over.

We also love baking and crafting for their classmates, I rely on Pinterest for ideas. (check my Valentines Pinterest Board)

Home Decor ideas from this year, we sticked to metallic, pink and red!

Tassel garlands from target, I absolutely love this, I reuse them all the time
Add some colour to your mantel, I got his beautiful card and I loved it so much that I decided to frame it (silver frame from home sense, banner from target)

Ideas for Classmates: (for more ideas visit my Valentines Pinterest Board))

Gum for Naomi’s class and Sweet and Sour Stick for Luca’s class

The kids crafting for their Classmates

Best places to get all your decor and supplies:

  • The dollar store for basic decor (Target was my fave but sadly we don’t have any more target stores in Canada).
  • For special decor Winners and Marshals are great, I love spending hours checking their themed decorations. I most confess that throughout the years I have acquired lots of party decor and props but I can’t resist shopping every year for new stuff even though I have zero storage space (I’ll talk about that on another post).
  • Bulk Barn for baking supplies and candy
  •  Pinterest and Etsy for prints

And you how do you celebrate Valentines?















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The Paola Gomez

I am a Mexican Canadian mom, living in Toronto for the past 5 years with my husband, two kids and our little dog Bella. I love cooking, baking, organizing parties and travelling, I will share it all here ;-) I have tried blogging before most recently as part of a school project, but just after the class was over I stopped writing. This time I am hoping to do better and post regularly. Besitos (Spanish for little kisses) Paola

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